We are looking for experienced writers to contribute to our magazine. If you have written for any magazine or blog before then, you can apply. We prefer writers with a background in arts, architecture, and education.

Why write for us?

We focus on arts, architecture, and education. There are many audiences out there who appreciate beautiful arts and structures. The number of visitors to this site is constantly increasing. By writing for us, you will get a chance to expose yourself to this wide group of audiences. You will also gain experience and recognition by writing for such a prestigious blog like ours. You will earn some extra money as well.


• The topic of your articles must be relevant to the niche.
• The articles must not exceed 1200 words.
• The articles should be plagiarism free and not published anywhere before.
• You should check for all grammatical errors before submission.
• You must include pictures along with your article in the prescribed format.
• The article must come with a short biography of yourself. You can give a link to your site.

You should write to us for more details regarding the picture specification. It is an excellent opportunity for you to write for us. So, if you think you have all the qualities we are looking for to the writers, please send us an article. We will review your writing and publish it on our blog.