5 most popular teaching tools used in modern days

The way education is conducted changed drastically over the last decade. Whiteboards and books are not the only tools used in teaching. Here are the most popular teaching tools used today.

Google apps for education

According to Google, more than 40 million students and educators use the suite of free apps. They use tools like Google Docs that helps students and teachers to collaborate. There is a calendar that helps the teachers and students to get organized.


Twitter has become the personal learning network among the educators. This tool is every effective in stimulating thought-provoking discussions. It helps students to get engaged in conversations about their reading materials that are assigned in class.


Students now prefer watching YouTube videos rather than reading textbooks. There are lots of channels that can help the educators. One of the most popular channels related to education is ‘Shots of Awe.’ It shows amazing facts about various scientific topics.


It is a platform that gives the teachers to schedule assignments easily. They can read about the latest trends in education. They can also monitor student progress using this platform.


It is a popular blogging platform. Teachers can have a classroom blog where the students can contribute. It will encourage them to think deeply, and they will be able to engage in discussions.

These amazing tools were not available a decade ago. These tools have helped students to get engaged in conversations and allowed them to think outside the textbooks.