3 most amazing modern architectures

The architects have been using their imagination to come up with unique structures that have stunned people. In the modern time, the following architectural wonders have left people speechless.

Capital Gate – Abu Dhabi, UAE

It is a skyscraper in Abu Dhabi that is located adjacent to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. It has a similar inclination like the Tower of Pisa. It is 160m tall and has 35 stories. It inclines at 180 to the west. In 2010, the Guinness World Records certified this building as the furthest leaning man-made tower.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel – Beijing, China

The hotel is situated near a lake about 60 kilometers outside of Beijing. It looks like the shape of the rising sun. The building symbolizes unity, harmony, and infinity. From the sides, it looks like a scallop that represents ‘fortune’ in Chinese culture. The front view looks like the ‘Rising Sun’ that symbolizes the fast moving economy of China. The main entrance of the hotel looks like the mouth of a fish. About 10,000 glass panels are used on the exterior. The glasses are arranged in such a way that the top portion reflects the color of the sky, the middle portion reflects the Yanshan Mountains and the lower portion reflects the lake.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore

It is a famous skyline in Singapore. It has three towers that look like a giant boat joining at the top. On the 57th floor, there is an infinity pool that overlooks the Central District. The ground level is directly connected to the metro system. There is a shopping mall inside.

These modern architectures will inspire the upcoming architects to create unique and stunning structures. These buildings have set a benchmark that will be hard to meet.